Sunday, September 2, 2012

Polytheist Parables: Drinking with Odin

I am starting a new sort of post this month.  My longer, essay-style posts take time for research, contemplation and composition, so I am only able to do a few each year.  To balance out these long, analytic pieces, I have begun to write very short creative pieces I call "Polytheist Parables."  Some parables will be readable and understandable by anyone, others will requires some knowledge of Northern European lore, so a bit of research may be needed to unlock their full meaning.  All of them will have a riddle-like quality that may require contemplation, re-reading, and the consideration of multiple meanings.  I hope you enjoy these parables; if not, at least they are very short.

Drinking with Odin

By then I had a bit too much, and I turned to Odin and asked rather artlessly, "So are you real, or what?"
His single eye glittered flintily, and he did not smile.
So I just dropped it and we spoke of other things.

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